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Three Supports for Achieving Goal

Three Supports for Achieving Goal-valsadonline

People intending to achieve the desired goal by walking on the path of honesty and high morals essentially need three qualities: efforts or hard work, right type of mental attitude and patience. Lack of these three virtues is the real cause of failure and not the dependence on morals. Even those, who have set their target on material wealth, can achieve the desired goal by walking on the path of honesty with three virtues of diligence,attitude and patience. The belief that honesty becomes an obstacle in achieving worldly success is wrong and usually propagated by the people who do not wish to put any efforts. The tendency to obtain maximum benefit with spending minimum time and efforts encourages dishonesty and corruption. Such people are not ready to wait long for success, so they apply short-cuts.

As a result, they may pick up some quick gains, but are always deprived of really meaningful and important achievements. It is generally observed that even the people reaching peak of the material wealth are those who follow the principles of honesty and hard-work.

If we look at the lifestyles of benevolent and noble rich of the world,this fact becomes even more evident. From a very base level, they reached the highest peak of success through honesty, diligence, proper attitude and of course,unlimited patience.

-Pt. Shriram Sharma Aacharya

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