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You are the Architect of Your Destiny

You are the Architect of Your Destiny-Valsad-ValsadOnline

If you depend upon others or look for someone’s help in the moments of difficulty, you must be living under some illusion. Otherwise, you would identify the root-cause of the problems you are facing and analyze your own vices and flaws that might have been responsible for those troubles. By overcoming those drawbacks and weaknesses, you would be best equipped to resolve or get rid of most of your problems on your own.

With the aspiration of being progressive and successful, you should also begin adopting virtuous tendencies and sharpening and enhancing your potentials. Your destiny is indeed written according to your intrinsic nature, inner qualities. Intense impressions of your tendencies, sentiments and thinking and conduct, account for shaping of your inner personality, which is attributed to be the architect of your future evolution. God’s system works according to – “you harvest what you have sown”.

If good qualities, abilities are not cultivated by you, and the seeds of virtues are left in a virgin (dormant) state within your self, and instead, negative tendencies, follies, untoward habits are allowed to accumulate and grow, God’s rule will formulate your destiny as full of sufferings; you will not have a good fate or hopes in future unless and until you refine yourself and inculcate the potentials of elevation. So it is in fact in your own hand to design your destiny.

If you awaken your self-confidence, set high ideals as your goal and sincerely endeavor to make yourself capable and deserving for that goal, God’s script will indeed destine you to have a bright and successful life accordingly. If you think wisely, know yourself and earnestly search for the illumined goal, you will certainly find the righteous path to achieve it at the right moment.

📖 Akhand Jyoti

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