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The Secret of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness | valsadonline |

Everyone has their own way of life. They live according to their choice and wisdom. They live according to their sacraments and don’t care much about the way they are living is justified. They just do whatever they like. According to them whatever they feel is right, whether it is right or wrong.
Example- Is it OK to drink alcohol? You will say, no this is not right.
Then why do lot of people drink. The answer is clear; they feel it is justified, hence they drink. Drinking is not right but because they like it so they use to drink.
This is the way, the whole world is doing according to their own choice and liking. This is what happening all around.
But this is not the fact. The fact is something else. The fact is, if you violate Divine laws, then you will definitely get penalised.
Whether you wish or not, you will have to follow the Divine laws. This is the law of Divine that always give happiness to others, never hurt. Therefore, as far as possible, always do good deeds for others; it is for your own welfare. Avoid any sort of iniquities. Be blessed of God’s grace. Do good deeds, be happy, and let others be happy. Take control of your wrong desires and try to eliminate completely. Only then will you will be blissed, otherwise no chance of any well-being.

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