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One who has conquered the Self, can conquer the World


The essence of Sadhana is ‘self-discipline’. One who has conquered the ego-centered self is the true warrior. It is easy to subdue others with brute force; it involves no virtuous valor.

Our real enemies are our evil impressions and animal tendencies deeply entrenched in our psyche. They keep suppressed the inner virtues and prove to be heavy obstacles in the path of inner growth. Rooting them out is real bravery.

The woodlouse eats the wood and the virus seriously disturbs the natural harmonies of the psychosomatic organism. Likewise the vices and addictions of a person relentlessly push him downwards; and none of his efforts to rise up gets successful.

If we can identify our real enemies – the evil impressions – and resolutely eradicate them, then will we be successful in achieving the Supreme goal of life. That is why seers and thinkers have been stressing again and again that – true seekers must do the inner Inquiry – Who am I? Who can know us better than ourselves? It is really simple to point to other’s faults, but being continuously aware of our own faults and sweep them out of our minds is indeed a tough task. However, one who accomplishes such a self-refinement is a conqueror of the lower self; and such a person indeed possesses the power to conquer the world. Self-conquest is the greatest conquest. 

– Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya

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