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Henry Ford Inspiration

Henry Ford


When a young man asked Mr. Henry Ford for guidance to be as successful and rich as him, the reply Mr. Henry Ford gave can provide inspiration to all those who are ambitious to acquire materialistic success. Ford said, “Maintain your honesty at any cost and strive in the profession with hard-work and strongly positive attitude”. Ford started his career as a simple automobile mechanic and reached the highest peak of success only through hard-work. He is considered the pioneer and founder of the entire automobile industry.

At the time of setting up his factory, he cherished a dream to produce a car so cheap that each of his employees can afford it. In the year 1930, each car that rolled out was costing 300 $ and the 70,000 cars that stood before the factory gate belonged to the people who worked inside the factory. Henry was believed to be the richest person in the world by the time of his death in the year 1937. He always championed peace and brotherhood. By establishing the Ford Foundation, he showed his generosity and compassion. This billion dollar institute is sincerely engrossed in acts of humanity and charity for the deprived.

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