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Happiness lies in contentment.

Happiness lies in

On a hot summer day a traveler stopped under a shady tree and lay down on the bare ground to rest for a while. Looking up at the sky, he wished he could be lying on a comfortable bed.

He did not know that he was lying under a magical tree that made every thought come true.

Lo! In no time a bed appeared and he was lying on it. ‘This is perfect,’ the traveler thought. “Now all I need is a maiden to give me company in this lonely place.’ Poof! A beautiful young maiden immediately appeared before him. She sat next to him, fanning him for his pleasure. ‘Wow!’ the traveler exclaimed, enjoying the cool breeze. ‘The only thing that could make things any better would be to have some food and drink to enjoy with my lovely companion here.”

As soon as he thought this, a wonderful feast lay before him. The maiden served him the food and drink. Lying in bed eating grapes the maiden served him, the traveler thought, ‘This is the peak of happiness! Wouldn’t it just be awful if it all disappeared and a tiger were to attack me instead?’

As soon as had he thought this, everything disappeared, and the scene was replaced by a ferocious tiger. The man scurried up the tree, thinking to himself – ‘If only I had been content with just the shade of this tree, I wouldn’t be at the mercy of this beast!’

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