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Inspiration Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Ambitions – The Driving Force


Ambitions – The Driving Force

Every deed starts off as an ambition. As soon as an ambition arises in the mind, the mind starts strategizing for its fulfillment by employing imagination. Intellect starts searching for the means and the seed for the future action is sown in the form of thoughts and their contemplation.

Let’s take an example of an individual who aspires to be wealthy. This ambition will spur his thoughts, intellect and mind into action towards realizing it. On the other hand, if that individual were content with what he possesses and does not wish to have any more, his mind wouldn’t divert its attention in that direction.

In this way, the status or lifestyle of any individual is driven by their ambitions.

To have an ambition to succeed is quite natural, proper and useful as well.

This ambition serves a personal purpose and is beneficial to the society at large too. Spiritual, philosophical texts, which preach the dictum of “abandonment of desires and ambitions”, actually mean to teach us abandonment of the eagerness and fruits of desires.

We should not run after our ambitions without carefully considering, Who am I? At this particular moment, what is the state my resources and where do I stand? What are my strengths?

We should neither maintain any imaginary notions about ourselves nor should we encourage any ambitions that do not agree with our real nature.

–Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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