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Earth With John Holden Returns Sunday, December 27 With A New Episode Covering Sustainability In Mining, Crops, Packaging, Investing, And Energy

Produced by StarMedia Productions, Earth with John Holden is an exciting and insightful, half hour news magazine national television series that deals with one of the most critical issues confronting corporations, households, individuals, and governments today. What we can do as a global community to help our planet and its inhabitants!

Six-time Emmy award winner and former NBC news correspondent, John Holden takes our audience around the globe on our constant search to make our planet and its inhabitants, healthier, better and stronger.

The show takes an in-depth look at innovative solutions, ideas and technologies currently being used, developed or researched around the globe. Each episode focuses on the organizations and individuals who are striving to make the right choices promoting the health of the world we live in.

In this episode, John travels to the Dawson Mine site in central Queensland, Australia, where a global partnership is underway to restore formerly mined land to its native state. This is the first time a mining giant-Anglo American, and an earth-moving equipment company-Komatsu, have teamed up in a partnership called Growing Together,  to create a  sustainable life cycle for mining.  Holden follows the mega-mining team as they invite indigenous people and local school children to help them begin the process of replanting thousands of eucalyptus trees to return the central Highlands mine site back to its native roots to demonstrate their global commitment to sustainable growth in mining.

From Australia and around the globe to the U.S., John arrives in the abundant orchards and agricultural fields of central Washington, to show how farmers today are partnering with global food companies to ensure a quick and sustainable journey from farm to plate to ensure the best quality nutrition in packaged fruits and vegetables. We’ll see how one such global partner, Del Monte Foods, has made sustainability a factor in every decision that is made in the life cycle of a crop.

In Atlanta, Georgia, John’s Co-Host, Andrea Ocampo is at the headquarters of Veritiv Corporation, a leading B2B distributor of packaging, facility solutions, and provider of logistics and supply chain management solutions. This company is making a difference in creating eco-friendly packaging for customers in a wide range of industries. With access to suppliers all over the world, and finding the best solutions for its packaging customers, Veritiv is exercising ingenuity and providing a more stable, sustainable, and cost-effective solution very few can rival in a holistic approach to packaging.

Next, John travels to Boston, Massachusetts to introduce us to the green world of opportunity in sustainable investing. MFS created the very first mutual fund in 1924 to open the door to millions of everyday investors- and today this investment management company shows us how they create value responsibly by investing only in companies that truly have an impact on the environment, providing us the opportunity to sustainably invest in the future of our planet.

Finally, John takes us to western Utah, where an unexpected renewable energy program can be found at hog farms that creates energy and power for thousands of homes and businesses. In this case, Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork processor, has partnered with family pig farms to convert hog manure into clean, renewable energy.  This ability to provide nutritious food to feed our people, as well as supply renewable energy to fuel our planet, may be the future of farming in America.

In the fast paced and ever-changing world of television broadcasting, StarMedia Productions is at the forefront of the latest trends, technology and ideas that continue to shape the way information is presented to the public worldwide in an entertaining and educational manner. Our inspiration and visual impact is leading the way to a better future with more effective and powerful communication between today’s consumers, business leaders and other stakeholders.



Contact: Robert Albolino, EVP of Programming Phone: +1 (561) 501-3828
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE StarMedia Productions

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